Born in Amsterdam in 1958, the youngest of five children in a family that has been involved in the arts in The Netherlands since the 17th century. She studied literature at the University of Amsterdam, and soon got involved with theatre, acting, and producing musicals.

It was during that time she also started designing bags and working with leather. Although it was her passion, she didn’t dare imagine a living could be made as a designer and so she began to study law.

Well, it didn’t take long before it was clear that she needed to follow her heart and leave the law books behind. She learned the technical craft of leather construction by working with a suitcase designer who encouraged her to perfect the smallest details.

Scraping together money to buy small pieces of leather and creating bags, one by one, which she then sold in local street markets. With each bag she sold, she would buy more leather, make more bags, and so on, until she finally was able to open her first shop on Hartenstraat in Amsterdam.

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